• This gym is like no other I’ve been a member of. The classes ROCK and the trainers are clearly doing what they love to do. It is the most fun I’ve had outside of my masters swim group. The staff are super friendly and take the intimidation factor out of weightlifting.

    Karla from Nashua
  • I joined American Fitness Center after receiving an email about the “lose 10 pounds in 21 days” challenge. The program was super affordable and a great way for me to jump-start getting in shape. I’ve tried other gyms and felt like I just “couldn’t lose weight” on my own. I met Jason and Deanna and was happily surprised how much they cared about helping me achieve my fitness goals. They helped me set a nutrition plan, and workout plan which made me accountable. After the first week I was amazed that I had already lost three pounds! Deanna provides great one on one personal training and throughout the three weeks I received consistent support, and motivation. She was only a call/text away when I had questions, needed some extra motivation, or was struggling with the food plan. Every time I saw Jason in the gym he would check in with me and congratulate me on my progress. At the end of the three weeks, I had lost ten pounds! American fitness center helped show me how to push myself and realize I do have the willpower to do it.

    Overall, I love the feel of the gym. Everyone there is super friendly, both the staff and the members. I don’t feel intimated like I have in other larger gyms. Even when it’s busy, it doesn’t feel overcrowded. I feel comfortable asking staff about equipment if I’m not sure how to do something right and there is always someone available to help. I’ve had such a positive experience; the best thing I’ve done for myself is joining this gym. I’m excited to continue working on my fitness goals by joining the maintenance plan!

    April from Nashua, March 2017
  • Mike from Londonderry, February 2017
  • Jen from Litchfield, January 2017
  • Sean from Nashua, December 2016
  • I moved to Nashua in September of 2011. I signed up at Gold’s Gym because it’s very close to where I live and I could walk there. I’ve always been active and regularly attended the gym, but I wasn’t losing weight like I had wanted to. When I looked into personal training options there, I became extremely overwhelmed by the costs. Before committing to a contract at Gold’s, my (now) husband suggested I check out American Fitness Center downtown because he had worked out there a few times when he came back to NH on school vacations.

    In February 2012, I started routinely working out with Jason. It’s not that I’m inept at using weights and machines at the gym, but for someone like me who regularly has her mind on everything at once, it was great to work with someone else who could tell me what to do at the gym and why, which left me the option to just do it and not question it. Jason and I had a check-in once a month where we would discuss mixing up the training routine for the upcoming month and review nutritional goals. I liked knowing that I had a work out plan for the whole month, but didn’t need to work with a trainer every time. Jason was always available if I had questions even if I was not scheduled to work with him. This was a dramatic difference from Gold’s where I’m pretty sure based on the fine print, I was going to have to pay $25 just to ask the trainers a question.

    By August 2012, I reached my goal of losing 34lbs and I owe much of my success to Jason. He was always encouraging and never made me feel like my goal was unattainable. Now that I have reached my goal, I still continue to work out with Jason once a month so that I can keep myself from getting bored with my routine and so that I can continue to keep off the weight in a healthy manner.

    Anonymous – Nashua, NH
  • How I found my Perfect Gym

    All gyms are not created equal. While most gyms provide the same set of essential services, there are many different gyms.

    (**Go check it out)

    Match your goals-A gym that specializes in lots of muscle Sculpting equipment isn’t going to help much if you are trying to Lose weight and start a cardio program.

    (** I needed a little of both! American Fitness Center does it all)

    Location, money, time-The best gyms in the world aren’t going to help you if they are too out-of-the-way for you to travel to them regularly, or if they are only open when you’re unable to work out. It also won’t help if getting a membership is beyond what you can reasonably afford. Finding a gym that is both convenient and affordable for you will go a long way towards helping you meet your fitness goals (“American Fitness center is all of these. Close by, affordable and has great hours)

    A little about me, my name is Jessica and I started with American Fitness Center in March 2013. I have lost weight and inches. I feel great. I have more energy than I have ever had. My trainer is awesome and has taught me a lot. American Fitness Center is a great place to work out. The equipment is perfect and they think outside the box. This is not your typical gym … Tractor tires, sledge hammers, kettle bells. Oh my!

    Give it a chance and you will love it as much as I do.

    Jessica – Nashua, NH
  • My name is Frank and I have been going to American Fitness Center. This gym is rather unique in its style of fitness programs; I believe it is the only one like it in the New England region. I can tell you from my own personal experience that their program is effective as I am on track to lose the pounds I desired at the beginning of my membership seven weeks ago.

    Prior to signing up at this gym I was on and off and going to the typical gym, American Fitness is different as it gives the person a new way of looking at how we work out; not the same old routine.

    Frank – Hudson, NH
  • Going to all the different training sessions available has really motivated me to get in shape and stay on track!  They are fun, unique and a great way to meet new people with similar goals.  AFC is a one of a kind work out facility with serious results!

    A.W. – Hudson, NH
  • I am a 51-year-old male and have belonged to numerous gyms over the years. AFC is by far the best gym I have ever joined reason being I feel stronger and healthier than I have been in years. Since joining I went from 246lbs to 200lbs. I also finally got how important it is to eat nutritiously to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a topic that is frequently discussed at AFC.  I should also mention how affordable this gym is especially if you are a military veteran. The Gym Owners are by far the most helpful, courteous and knowledgeable health professionals I have ever met. They are always willing to offer advice or suggestions to help members succeed. They keep the gym, equipment and locker rooms impeccably clean. Another comment I would like to make is how friendly and helpful the other gym members I have met have been which makes for a very comfortable atmosphere to workout in, especially if you’re just getting back into working out. The gym itself is always improving as Jason is always purchasing something new to add to an already impressive collection of workout gear. Personally, I like the High Intensity Training workouts and with all the equipment available I never get bored as I am always able to mix up my workout routines. I highly recommend this gym to anyone interested in getting in shape. From novice to extreme athletes this is the place to challenge and improve your overall health condition.

    AFC Member since April 2010

    Mike – Londonderry, NH
  • I have been working out with Jason for over 5 years and can say that he has kept all my workouts fresh, new, exciting and challenging.  All his work-outs have been personalized to suit my needs, even when I had a back injury. I was still able to work-out and stay motivated.  He challenges me more than I would ever challenge myself and often I find that I am able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could.  He gives me the knowledge and confidence needed to use all equipment effectively, thus getting the most out of my workouts.   I have toned my body and built core strength which helps support my spine and has allowed me to function better in my day to day activities.  He is friendly and personable and I highly recommend American Fitness Center.

    Michelle – Amherst, NH