Weight Loss

Weight LossYou know you need to lose weight and improve your health, you’ve tried the latest fitness and diet fades and you’re ready to sort through the all the conflicting information and finally see results! At American Fitness Center you get educated about the foundations of health and fitness. You learn how your body works and why the weight loss from the fades didn’t last.

The only 100% proven plan for long term weight loss results is a solid fitness routine with proper support from a fitness expert.  At American Fitness Center we will teach you how to not only lose weight but how to create a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you forever, no more yo-yoing.  Successful, long-term weight control must focus on your overall health, not just on what you eat. Changing your lifestyle can be intimidating but with the knowledge and support of your trainer you will learn to adopt the healthy habits which will help you manage your health and weight forever.

Weight LossOur safe and effective weight-loss program includes:

  • An initial fitness and goal assessment
  • A personalized workout plan that will accelerate your weight loss
  • Real life nutritional counseling
  • Maintenance plan for after you reach your goal, to retain your results
  • Ongoing feedback, monitoring, and support

Whether you need to lose 500 lbs. or the very last 5 lbs., American Fitness Center can help!

Make today the day that you change your life forever!

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